Money Madness — Awesome Marriage — Marriage, Relationships, and Premarital Counseling with Dr. Kim Kimberling

 Money Madness — Awesome Marriage — Marriage, Relationships, and Premarital Counseling with Dr. Kim Kimberling

We seem to have a “language” of sorts at Awesome Marriage. There are some words and terms that we use quite a bit. Sometimes I forget to define them for those who read, listen, and watch all things Awesome Marriage. Terms like “naked and unashamed,” “being intentional,” “thriving not striving,” and “24/7/365 foreplay.” Recently I received this question from one of our followers: “Please define what you would consider ‘oneness with money.’” That is a great question!

This was my answer: Oneness in money begins with agreeing that all is from God. He is the owner and we are the managers. Our role is to manage well. With that foundation and prayer, oneness with money becomes a reality in a marriage. 

Let’s break this down. Sometimes the statement that “all is from God” is hard for us. I hear things like, “After all, we are the ones who work for our paycheck and no one should be telling us how to handle our money.” The first part of that is completely true. We are the ones getting up and going to work day after day. We do bring home the paycheck. Yet, who gave us the ability to work and the skills necessary to have a job or career? There was a time that there was absolutely nothing but God. From nothing, He created everything. He truly is the owner of everything. When I really think about it, I am amazed that He trusts us to manage what is truly His. I am amazed that He gives to us so generously. I am amazed that He asks so little from us in return. 

The foundation of oneness with money in marriage is both of us being all in with all of the above. It changes our focus. It takes our focus off of this world and puts it on His world. That’s how we begin to manage well.  

I get that letting go of control and giving it to God can be unnerving. Think about this though. Who always wants the best for you? Who never leaves you or forsakes you? You can trust God. He never changes. He is always faithful. As we come together as husband and wife and get on the same page with the money He has entrusted to us, great things begin to happen. We quit fighting over money! We make money decisions together. Giving and generosity become part of our lifestyle.  

Are the two of you “one” with your money? If you answer “yes,” keep it up! If your answer is “no,” how about starting that conversation this week? Since money is always one of the top three issues in marriage, why not begin eliminating  that issue from your marriage now? It may be the best decision you make in 2020!

I would love for you to consider being a Marriage Changer with Awesome Marriage. There are a lot of perks and behind-the-scenes information. It’s easy, and it helps us help others have the marriage God designed for them! Click here to join us today!

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