It’s Our Anniversary! 10 Years of Awesome Marriage — Awesome Marriage — Marriage, Relationships, and Premarital Counseling with Dr. Kim Kimberling

 It’s Our Anniversary! 10 Years of Awesome Marriage — Awesome Marriage — Marriage, Relationships, and Premarital Counseling with Dr. Kim Kimberling

In July, I shared some of the story of Awesome Marriage as we prepared to celebrate our 10th anniversary. Our game plan was to reach people where they were and technology allowed us to instantly become a global ministry. Our goal has remained the same for 10 years: To help couples live out the marriage that God has uniquely designed for them. 

In the early days when people would ask me how Awesome Marriage was going I often said, “It’s like Awesome Marriage is a jet that has taken off and we are still building it as we fly.” It was quickly evident that what God was doing through Awesome Marriage was sorely needed.  Our growth was amazing and opportunities to help people were everywhere. We had some amazing volunteers who prayed for people and marriages, as well as helping answer questions.  We were on every social media platform available and were producing content on many different topics. In 2014, I signed a book contract with Zondervan and my dream of being a published author became a reality when 7 Secrets to an Awesome Marriage was released in 2015. All this and more was taking place, all while we were still building this flying jet.  

My good friend Terry Storch at Life.Church has been an invaluable resource and friend for me since the early years of Awesome Marriage. In 2015, he connected me with Nils Smith, who became our innovations director and a friend that I truly cherish. Nils is a social media guru and knows more about using technology in ministry than anyone on this planet. He took us to new heights as a ministry and is still a consultant and ministry partner. It was evident to me that God had His hand on this ministry from the beginning but with Terry’s wisdom, Nils knowledge, and the team that God began to put in place, I knew that God was building something bigger than I ever imagined. I want you to know this amazing team.

Christina Dodson became my virtual assistant. Christina lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, and is married to Dylan. Together they planted New City Church in Raleigh. They have two amazing children. Christina was truly a gift from God. She quickly cleaned up my inbox, organized me, and anticipated what I needed before I even spoke the words. She is invaluable both to me and to Awesome Marriage. Today she is our COO and is my co-host on the Awesome Marriage Podcast.

Lindsay Few began editing for me and literally everything I write (except my texts to Nancy) is edited first by Lindsay. Lindsay is also a pastor’s wife, and lives in Wilmington, North Carolina with her husband and their four great children. Lindsay is now the producer of the Awesome Marriage Podcast as well as my personal editor.

Sarah Jane Richards came on as an administrative assistant. She and her husband, Taylor, live in Raleigh. Sarah Jane has done many things including producing the podcast, helping me, responding to questions, praying for people and now has transitioned into the role of administrator for our counseling center as well as my personal assistant there.

Megan Peverall and her husband, Britt, live in Leland, North Carolina and have two children.  Megan does an amazing job in her role as our Social Media Director.  She is so innovative and creative. She cultivates the community we have here online and I am so thankful she is over all our social media. 

Chrissy Naylor is married to Ryan and they have four children. Chrissy is our Fundraising Administrator and heads our Marriage Changers. I love Chrissy’s heart and her compassion. She is a prayer warrior and an asset to Awesome Marriage. Chrissy and her family live in Raleigh.

Emily Palacios and her husband Santi have two children. Emily is our Spanish Coordinator. This is an element of our ministry that is experiencing tremendous growth under Emily’s leadership. Emily and her family live in Wake Forest, North Carolina.  

Tiffany Miller has been a long term volunteer for Awesome Marriage and is our most recent team member. She is now over Care Support as well as other administrative roles including my personal assistant.  I am so excited to have her in this role. Tiffany and Micah live in Edmond, Oklahoma and have three children. 

Brian Androsian and his wife, Brittney, live in Apex, North Carolina and have one child. If you ever wondered who does the amazing job with all our videos at Awesome Marriage, it is Brian. Having our own video producer on the team has been awesome. Brian is the best!

Leanna Romoser and her husband, Zach, live in Oklahoma City. Leanna is our graphic designer. Her creativity has been such a blessing to Awesome Marriage.

Andy Knight is our webmaster and does such an amazing job for us in all the areas we have no clue about. He is truly indispensable. Andy is married to Tiffany. They have two children and live in Edmond, Oklahoma.  

In addition, my Literary Agent Greg Johnson, and Colby Taylor, my co-host on A Better Man Podcasts, along with his wife, Amanda, have played a big part in Awesome Marriage. Colby and Amanda produce the Engaged Events, of which I am a part.  

This team is the heart of Awesome Marriage. I truly believe God led each of them to be a part of this ministry. Next week, I will share some of what God has done through Awesome Marriage.  

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